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Official website. Myopengrid OpenSim Marketplace. The commerce platform for OpenSim it is an online market for resident created products.

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By the way, nearly all the contents offered at shops are freebies and some of very high quality. Alternatively you can also rent a private standalone OpenSim region independent of any grid or you can start your own, independent virtual world (grid) .

Ener Hax

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Private OSGrid Regions | Dreamland Metaverse - OpenSim

In the spirit of the 3d web page opensim, HG visitors are welcome. I present my experimentation with opensim in the form or tutorials, object ,vehicles, tools and bots. I present my experimentation with opensim in the form or tutorials, object ,vehicles, tools and bots.

Outworldz regions in Opensim

A complete copy of the Welcome region from the Hypergrid Central grid, with a huge selection of freebies, including a complete set of Torley Textures. Large variety of plants, buildings, clothing and accessories, avatars, hair and skins, animations, vehicles, and building sets. The products are from some of the big names in OpenSim freebies

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opensim freebies garden jarus Ener Hax - chief lead for creating virtual field trip locations for iliveisl

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Directory of opensimulator virtual worlds connected to the hypergrid. We tell you which regions are online and how many avatars are visiting them.

Free 3-D Sculpts, OBJ, DAE, and Collada meshes

Our work and play in Opensim We have dozens of sims in Opensimulator. They range from simple play areas upward- the largest being a 96-region cluster with a fairy tale theme.

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Get the file "opensim-openvce.oar" from there (right click on the file in the above directory in your browser, and select download is the easiest way to obtain the materials). A "full" set of the buildings with a large 400 seat amphitheatre intended to be placed on the corner of 4 sims is also available via "opensim-openvce-full.oar".


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