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Good, Better, Best covers the life of Sue McCarthy, owner of one of the nation’s finest upscale resale boutique stores, Vault Luxury Resale and star of Style Network’s Resale Royalty. Read her rags to riches story. Purchase your copy online.

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Though you specifically asked for fiction, I will also mention a few biographies and non finction books for the benifit of others. The title of every book will also serve as a link to Book Store of just to save your efforts.

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Whether youre just starting out or have had your own business for years, there are lots of good ideas in this book.

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By the way, this is only the beginning. The successful person makes reading a daily habit. I am not always good with this habit but I try. Today I finished “No Country for Old Men” by Cormac McCarthy and I started “The Fight” by Normal Mailer, a beautiful book about the Ali-Foreman fight in 1974.

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This book is considered as one of the best books for young entrepreneurs. Anyone, who can run a company or any business, this book helps them to build a great company. In this business book, lots of precious key points are narrated by author James Collins for young entrepreneurs.

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The Lean Startup: How Todays Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by

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Book #9, Sam Walton Made in America, is a book on systems and duplication. Its the story of Sam Walton. When I talk to teenage entrepreneurs, Sam Walton is the one I say to study.

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Most entrepreneurs will tell you that the hardest part is starting. Griffing writes that “lots of people talk a good game about wanting to leave a big company for a startup, but when the time

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Named by Bill Gates as his all-time favorite business book, it provides entrepreneurs with timeless lessons on finance, ethics, and the corporate world. Read more about " Business Adventures ." 2 /

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Five days. It took me five days to read every single page of the extended version of this book. Five days of carrying it with me throughout the day, taking it out during my breaks at work and going to bed with it in my hands.

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The greatest lessons youll ever learn will most likely be from your own experience. But entrepreneurs can also learn a lot from the advice and experiences of others, as long as we allow ourselves


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